Home Buyers Guide Home Buyers Guide

Outline of steps for Buying a Home:

I. Plan: What do you want and what can you afford?

II. Choose a Real Estate Agent.

III. Seek Pre-Approval For a Loan


  1. Knowing how much you can afford.
  2. A qualified buyer will be taken more seriously upon making an offer.
  3. Lenders will know about special programs that may enable you to afford a better home.

IV. Search for the Right Home.

Keep in mind:

  1. You can see what is available right here on SomerRealEstate.com
  2. A typical buyer searches for about 12 weeks and views about 12 homes.
  3. Having an experienced Real Estate Agent is a must.

V. Make Offers And Negotiate With Sellers.

VI. Secure Your Financing.

VII. Close

Some of the steps in closing:

  1. Get a Title Search
  2. A Final Walk-through
  3. Settlement

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