Anna Lange

Anna Lange, a Southern Illinois native, worked as a Team Leader at North American Lighting in Salem before taking some time off to nurture her three children until they reached school age.


Owning a home and a farm herself was the catalyst for her interest in real estate. Being the resourceful type that always thinks one step ahead she knew that she needed to have a direction in mind for her career after her kids were settled into school. She loved researching farmland and real estate for friends and family so much that she was certain she would excel in finding forever homes and farms for families.


When working with Anna you will gain more than a business relationship, you will gain a friendship as well.


In her spare time, Anna can be found tending to the animals on her farm including chickens, rabbits, cows, sheep, goats and horses (including her new horse Thunder Foot). In the summer you can find her working in the hay fields or on fence at home! Where there is work to be done you will find her.


Although she loves the outdoors Anna also enjoys re-arranging furniture and binge watching Yellowstone, Law and Order SVU and of course ole John Wayne!


Anna firmly believes her goal in life is to help as many people as she can; however she can! With a humble spirit and a cowgirl heart she will never give up!




Anna can be reached at